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?Sagittarius—A fire sign who lives life to the fullest, untamable Sagittarius loves travel and physical challenges. An individualist who dreams big, the archer believes life is a grand adventure. Every zodiac sign all has its guardian constellation for protect their life , Find your guardian horoscope and wear it always for protect you forever. SAGITTARIUS??S GUARDIAN CONSTELLATION – CAPRICORN?

?CRAFTS: Our zodiac charm necklace featuring a delicate vacuum electroplating process, it glistens in sunlight, and does not fade. All GoldChic Jewelry is sprayed a protective lacquer to protect the products from fading & oxidized. While other gold necklaces for women and men would break, tarnish, look fake or turn your neck green, our zodiac sign necklace are made to LAST !

?LENGTH AND SIZE: Pendant size: 1.42??*0.75?? ,Each zodiac sign necklace has an adjustable length of 20 – 22 because it has a extension chain,This length works on practically Men and Women !

?OFFER CUSTOM ENGRAVED SERVICE-Can be engraved with up to 36 letters on backside, giving these zodiac sign necklace an extra personal touch. FIND YOUR GUARDIAN CONSTELLATION FROM OUR PIC . GIFT FOR YOURSELF OR TO A LOVED ONE presented for a truly memorable gesture.

?SHIPPING & RETURN & QUESTION: We make our products to last, we provide a no questions asked refund policy if for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and our world-class customer service team will quickly handle your request.

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