Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Retro Japanese Metal necklace, small pocket watch with single-sided personality pattern: Jewelry



Quality: not easy to damage and rust, alloy pocket watch, high hardness and texture, glass mirror, clear and transparent

Decoration: A pocket watch with a diameter of 1.3 inches, The thickness is 0.47 inches

Features: There are beautiful patterns on the pocket watch, the pocket watch is silent and no ticking sound, very suitable for sleeping and working

Applications: Easy to carry, suitable for various occasions, and can be matched with different fashion styles (leisure, sports, home, party, party´╝ë

Washing instructions: Please clean the watchband and case regularly, try to avoid contact with cosmetics or other chemicals, and avoid exposure to the sun. Do not place the watch, radio, TV and other magnetic objects close to each other, so as not to affect the accuracy

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