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Latest articles

  • Five ways to clean bikinis(with Pictures)
    We all have that designer bikini we love. It’s with us through all the insta pics & it gets all the compliments at the beach. With all the wearing, that go-to suit ends up fading & looking a little raggedy after a couple of seasons — eventually retiring to the bin of suits that never […]
  • Custom evaluation of blankets, comfortable blankets will not give gifts
    Home textile gifts like blankets are more grounded gifts, affordable and practical. Whether it is corporate promotional gifts, store gifts, points redemption gifts, employee welfare gifts, and blanket customization are good choices. Blankets are good gifts, but often the finished gifts do not meet the demand. At this time, blanket customization is very suitable. So from […]
  • Customize a multifunctional headscarf.
    Custom Bandanas are essential outdoor equipment for outdoor people, and the reason why it is called “Custom Bandanas” is of course not in vain-although it is just a headscarf. But if you use different ligation methods and wear it on different parts, it can be transformed into a hood, headband, scarf, wristband, face protection, mask, […]
  • Precautions for custom hooded sweater
    Today, the starting point for enterprises to customize cultural shirts is not simply to give a piece of clothing to employees or to advertise their own brands as simple and crude as advertising shirts. Cultural shirts have become an indispensable carrier in the construction of more and more corporate cultures. Many companies I also regard […]
  • Customized T-shirt those cold knowledge you don’t know
    T-shirts are stylish and generous, sweat-absorbent and breathable, and have become the preferred style of summer workwear for many companies. So do you know some knowledge of T-shirts? 1. What is the weight? Gram weight is generally used to indicate the thickness of the fabric, the greater the weight, the thicker the clothes. T-shirt weight is generally […]
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