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Custom T-Shirt common printing process!

When customizing T-shirts, companies usually print their logos.

Let’s understand the common t-shirt printing process.

The first process: the design provided by the printing designer will be handed over to the professional plate-making company to produce the film according to the requirements. Each color will produce a film, so the color of the design shirt should not be too much. The more colors, the more cost high. Send the film produced to the printing plant selenium version, the same color also needs a selenium version. The selenium version must be carefully inspected. You can use white powder to print the pattern on the countertop, and some areas need to be repaired with water.

customg polo shirt

The second process: adjust the paddle. According to the design draft, use the color card to find out the corresponding color card number. Each color has a corresponding color description, such as how much green pigment and yellow pigment are used. According to the ratio, call out the glue of the required color. Pour the adjusted glue into the silk screen, mix it evenly, press it on the paved T-shirt cut piece, and brush it back and forth with a wooden plate.

The third process: Proofing first locate, find the center point, and the position of the pattern away from the neckline, make a mark, the T-shirt pieces are laid on the table according to the mark, the table is brushed with glue, and the cultural shirt pieces will stick On the countertop, avoid moving during the printing process. After lifting the screen, wait for the glue to dry, and then brush the second pass. After one set of colors is painted, then brush the second and third colors.

After the T-shirt is printed, it is sent back to the garment workshop to make ready-made garments.

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