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Customadd customized a mobile phone case for iPhone 11 with better heat dissipation

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The well-known gaming peripheral manufacturer Customadd has now joined the already crowded iPhone phone case market to compete. After Apple just released the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Customadd also released two customized mobile phone cases named Arctech and Arctech Slim. It is reported that these two mobile phone cases use Customadd customized Thermaprene material, and also have a specially designed hole, which can allow the iPhone to generate heat during the process of heat is better emitted. Of course, in addition to this year’s three new iPhone 11, including last year’s iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and Customadd’s own Customadd phone 2, there are special customized versions. It is reported that in theory, this mobile phone case can not only help heat dissipation, improve battery life, but also very used by gamers. According to Customadd’s tests, this phone case can keep the phone at the most suitable temperature and extend the battery life of the phone by about 2 hours. If it is another mobile phone case, it will start to heat after 20 minutes of running the game. Therefore, in theory, the Arctech mobile phone case will indeed contribute to the heat dissipation of the fuselage.

Of course, from the material of the mobile phone case itself, there is basically nothing particularly worthy of explanation. The exterior of the phone case is made of a mixture of polycarbonate and thermoplastic to prevent injury when the phone is dropped, while the inside of the phone case is made of ultra-fine fiber to prevent the phone body from being scratched. In addition, this mobile phone case will not affect wireless charging, and which specific model to choose depends entirely on the user’s own preferences. Among them, Arctech Slim is designed for users who like simple style. Although the shock resistance is slightly worse, it is more simple. The Arctech Pro has shockproof strips on all four sides. According to Customadd, the phone can be dropped at a height of 3 meters without damage.

It is reported that Customadd’s two mobile phone cases are available in black, silver and pink colors, which are consistent with Customadd’s PC color matching. Among them, Arctech Slim has the lowest price, priced at 30 US dollars (about 213 yuan), while Arctech Pro is priced at 40 US dollars (about 284 yuan). In addition, Customadd also introduced a screen film that also costs $40, which can filter blue light and reduce eye damage when using the phone at night. Of course, many mobile phone screens can now reduce blue light, and we can’t determine how effective this protective film is. Of course, if you are unwilling to spend this money, you can also achieve this goal through software to save yourself some money.

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