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How to choose a hat? The selection and matching of various hats make you more fashionable than others in summer.

The hat as a summer shading little expert is an essential matching item when the young ladies and sisters travel. Now there are more and more kinds of hats on the market. When matching different styles of clothes, the choice of hats is also It’s more, but hats can’t be worn casually. Choosing the right hat can play a good decorative role for your outfit today, but the hat is not right, it only has a sunshade effect. Now we will Let’s see how to pick a hat!

  1. Fisherman hat

The fisherman hat is also a kind of hat style that has only become popular this year. It is called a fisherman hat because this hat is adapted from the hat worn by fishermen fishing at the beach. This kind of hat is generally made of cotton and hemp and denim. The design is simple and the style is single. However, because it is very versatile, there are many young ladies and sisters. It can be a practical hat with skirts and pants.

  1. Narrow variable cap

In addition to the wide-brimmed type of fisherman hat, there is basically no type of brim or short-brimmed type. This style of hat has no effect of shading, just to match clothes. The two front hats with no brim and very dark colors are suitable for matching casual clothes, which are very handsome items. The following color is brighter and has a little brim style, which is suitable for cute dressing, a bit like the hat of cherry balls.

  1. Baseball cap

Baseball caps are also enduring popular models. This kind of hat is based on the hat worn by baseball players. Because the predecessor of this hat is worn by athletes, the more choice for this type of hat is to match sports. Wind and casual style. Generally, if we don’t wash our hair when we go out, we can also pick up a baseball cap. It doesn’t pick clothes very well. It’s very versatile. Usually, there is no problem with shading.

  1. Octagonal cap

This type of hat seems to be relatively rare, and there are fewer ladies and sisters wearing it. Many people don’t even know this style of hat. At first, this kind of hat was worn by British women. The material was hard cotton and hemp. Later, there were cloth and denim. This kind of hat is more suitable for British style clothes, and can not be taken out casually. Its style is more special than the first two. The hat is a little special, and there are certain requirements for clothing matching.

  1. Lace hat

The shape of the lace hat and the fisherman hat is a bit similar, both are round, the hat and the wide brim. But the lace hat’s brim is more delicate than the fisherman hat. The general style of common lace hats is that the edges of the hat are like pleats. The cut is a little more than the fisherman hat. It is a design sense. It is also the first type that hangs down like that, and surrounds the face. Generally, the clothes with lace caps are cute and sweet.

  1. Straw hat

Straw hats are generally used when traveling, especially when taking pictures at the beach, which is a good concave shape weapon. There are many styles of straw hats, but basically they are the types of fisherman hats and lace hats, but the material becomes rough grass. Because it is usually worn when traveling, there will also be a particularly exaggerated wide brim style.

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