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What is the best material for the phone case?

Presumably, most people will equip themselves with a beautiful and cool mobile phone case, whether it is good-looking or the material must be selected for a long time? As far as the current market is concerned, there are many materials, the most common ones are plastic, hard plastic, metal materials, and leather cases. Today I will introduce it to you, so that everyone will have a better choice when choosing a mobile phone case in the future.

1.Plastic. Mainly belongs to the rubber category, vulcanization molding for finished product process. All the pieces of silicone are put into the mold and then heated and pressurized. The silicone is generally imported. If the silicone is not good, the burrs will be particularly obvious, which greatly affects the appearance.

custom Plastic phone case

2.pc material. PC scientific name polycarbonate is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. The toughness and gloss of the PC material are particularly good, and the product can be made very thin. The thinnest iPhone case is said to be 0.5mm. The colors of pure pc materials are particularly many, and they are very good.

custom pc material phone case

3.Leather. Good quality mobile phone cases are usually made of pigskin and cowhide. Generally, the outer layer of dermal skin is used, and the inner layer is made of PU material to reduce costs while achieving the visual effect of dermis.

Leather is also a popular type. Compared with the slightly ordinary silicone case, business people who work hard in the workplace prefer to use a decent mobile phone case. Unlike young people who advocate personality, holding a mobile phone with a slightly simple appearance is for them. There is a loss of taste.

4.Metal material. The texture of metal products is undoubtedly very good, most of the product grades are relatively high, and the surface treatment technology is now very mature.

The disadvantage is that the installation is relatively inconvenient. If the product is installed with screws, you need to be careful because the metal material is generally aluminum alloy. No matter what is known as aviation aluminum or other aluminum, the screw holes are easy to slip. open.

custom Metal material phone case

5.TPU plastic water mobile phone case. Many people are confused about the difference between silicone and TPU, and even some sellers are confused. The soft ones are said to be silicone. Here I will explain to you.

TPU plastic water mobile phone case

From the feel of the hand, the hardness of general TPU will be harder than that of silicone, and the elasticity of the pinch is stronger, while the elasticity of silicone is slightly worse. Viewed from the outside, TPU can be made very transparent, but silicone is not. The most transparent is the dim feeling like thick fog.

However, the disadvantage of TPU is that it is easily deformed and will yellow. After three or four months, if you just buy a light-colored product such as transparent white, it will easily yellow. If the material is not good, the surface will even fog or stick your hands.

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