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What should I pay attention to when customizing T-shirts? This choice will not be deceived!

In order to enhance the overall image, most large and small enterprises and shops in all walks of life are willing to customize work clothes to uniformly wear employees. When hosting various festivals and annual events, they are also willing to unify advertising shirts to expand the advertising effect of the event and Increase the atmosphere of the event. Sometimes friends want to send friends a special customized t-shirt gift on their birthday, or couples want to customize a unique set of couples, good buddies and good sisters in the dormitory want to customize everyone’s uniform and interesting dormitory clothes, girlfriends costumes, student sports games need to be customized Imposing class clothes and so on… So how to choose clothes that suit your needs when the needs are different? This depends on the specific use. This article mainly tells you about the selection skills of customized T-shirts, such as

Long-term wear: Choose clothes with prices around 20-35. At this price stage, the quality is generally more passable. If you are lucky, you will be able to buy T-shirts with a quality comparable to that of a brand store if you have a thin profit.

Occasionally wear it once: choose clothes with a price of about 35-50. Although it is not often worn, it will be worn once in a while, so the quality must be a little more reliable. If it is too poor, it will cause various problems if it is worn once or twice. If you can’t go out at all, it will be uncomfortable.

Only wear a limited number of days: choose a price within 20, for example, only wear a few days to do the activity, the event will not be worn after the event, then don’t look at this scene, mainly to see the price, after all, the event is invested The cost can be saved, anyway, just wear a few days, as long as these days will not rot. This situation is very simple, just send the quantity you need and the content you need to print to various businesses, and wait for the quotation of various businesses. Then, among the cheapest two or three, choose the highest price with the same price. One can place an order, please refer to the following for how to choose the most cost-effective.

First, the rich, please go out and turn right, because you don’t need to read this article, just buy the one with the highest price and the most expensive. It’s simple and easy to save. The most expensive is not necessarily the best, but it’s definitely not that bad.

What we are most concerned about when choosing is the following aspects:

1.Price (buying the highest cost-effective goods within one’s expectations is always the first expectation)

2.Discoloration (discoloration of clothes or printed content is a crippling experience)

3.Shrinkage (When you first wear it, it fits well, but it gets smaller and smaller. Not only will it be crumpled due to shrinkage, it will not look good, but it will even make you have the illusion of fat increase @_@)

4.The printing is cracked (it was very beautiful when I just got it, but the graphics printed after the two days of active washing and washing were cracked, and even the ones that are severe will fall off directly! The feeling is simply broken…)

The above four points are often difficult problems that are often encountered. Today I will mainly teach you how to judge these problems. Other small problems such as: many thread ends, off-line, small color differences caused by different production batches, etc., I won’t go into details. For example, if there are too many thread ends and the thread is off-line, we can cut off the thread by ourselves. If the thread is off-line, we can sew it by ourselves and we can wear it. There will not be a big impact. Probability, even if it is encountered, the color difference of clothes made by large manufacturers in general is not easy to see if you do not look closely. If it is obvious, only to find a business to negotiate, this time will test eloquence and luck.

There is so much nonsense, so how to circumvent these problems and let us customize the clothes to be satisfied? The following is the essence of this article!

How to choose:

The price of customized clothing is generally divided into two parts: (clothing price) and (processing price). The price of clothing is the cost of blank clothing, and the processing price is the price of custom printing or embroidery.

First look at the price of clothes: no matter what you buy, the essence of most commercial transactions is a penny, especially for this kind of goods whose unit price is not high, but there are also a few unscrupulous merchants who rely on online The situation where the buyer of the transaction cannot see the real thing is sub-optimal and profiteering. Of course, when you choose an offline physical store, you can intuitively feel the fabric texture of the clothes. If your order quantity is relatively large, many local businesses are willing to bring sample clothes to your office to introduce to you, without leaving the house. You can choose, and you can also find different merchants to see the horizontal comparison, so that at least according to your budget to see the different quality clothes quoted by the merchant, you will feel a little bit at heart. But most of the friends are not a large amount, and they can’t find local businesses (local businesses in most regions are not limited to large-scale centralized industries in the apparel industry, limited by high costs, not advanced technology, etc. Not big.) Only select businesses on omnipotent google, so how to judge?

If you choose from Google, it is best to find a real manufacturer. However, not all manufacturers are willing to open an online store. The manufacturer is pursuing a large enough quantity, and the quantity is too small to reach the minimum order quantity of many manufacturers. I missed cooperation. The google above claims that the manufacturer is very unreal. Many stores do not have much sales but have pictures of large factories in the industrial area. They claim to serve hundreds of thousands of group customers. The general pictures of this kind of business are all kinds of online pictures. It’s not shooting on the spot, as long as you ask the factory site and search it on Google Maps to check, there is nowhere to escape. Since manufacturers are so hard to find, how can they be screened? At this time, when we don’t know enough about this industry, the easiest way is to find a store that can provide sample clothing, and you can find a store to buy according to the amount of your budget. You can see a sample of clothes after you get it in your hand, and you can also do washing to test the problem of discoloration and shrinkage. However, the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high. It may take up the original budget to buy clothes from a dozen stores. Mostly. Now in the past two years, Taobao also has many merchants who can send samples for free, but most of them have some restrictions. For example, they need to pay for the shipping fee by themselves, and cannot be washed. However, compared to spending one to buy back to see the quality, it has already A lot of savings, and even if you can’t wash it, you can feel that the fabric and workmanship texture greatly reduce the risk of us being pitted, right. After all, it’s more than just wearing it by yourself. If it’s not good, it’s a lot of effort. Not pleased, so I would rather spend more energy. So now that you have seen the real clothes in the sample, in the case of our goods than three or even five or eight, which one is more cost-effective, it is easy to judge, and the main price part of the customization link is also solved.

In fact, the easiest way to choose the printed part is the same as clothes: look at the sample! No matter how powerful the merchants say, we have to speak with the real thing in the 90% unbelief attitude. How to judge whether the printing will go wrong when you get the actual product, you can do a simple test:

  • By scrubbing and scrubbing, you can test the discoloration of the printed part.
  • By pulling, you can test the firmness of the printed material. Pulling the material that will not crack will not crack when it is worn normally. This kind of pulling should be vigorously pulled, and the maximum elasticity of the fabric of the clothes is pulled out. If the printing is not cracked, it means that it is very reliable.

What if the merchant does not allow us to test so violently?

There are also some simple judgment methods here. We can ask the merchant what kind of craft they are. The common crafts in the industry are as follows:

1.Thermal transfer (no minimum order quantity, basically every custom manufacturer has a process, the cost is very low, and it can basically be printed for free. The short-term change effect of this process is acceptable, but no matter when the time is long , Basically, there will be problems of cracking and discoloration, the color is slightly gray, but it will not be affected if no special comparison is made, and even this process has certain defects in the uniformity of printing, but the printing process is still incorrect. , It is very beautiful and will not be damaged, almost all DIY cups are printed through this process.)

2.Digital heat transfer (no MOQ, heat transfer upgrade process, materials and equipment are relatively expensive, and the cost is extremely high. This process is generally charged, if it is free, or the store is actually a heat transfer process, or use) Inferior materials will have the problem of shedding, the printed genuine equipment materials will not have such problems, and the colors are bright and beautiful. )

3.Sublimation (This process can only be used on white clothes, and the fabric is pure fiber material, can not contain cotton, regular basketball uniforms, printed T-shirts and flags, etc. In this process, in most cases, the experience level of the process is processing the master tape It is relatively high and the quality is high or low, but in general this is a hands-free process, the color and the fabric are completely fused together, which will not hinder the permeability of the fabric, and if the color is not due to the sweat absorption and breathability of pure fiber material Can not be compared with cotton fabrics, then this process may have occupied the entire industry for a long time, but the cost of this process is very effective, whether it is very cheap materials or clothing fabrics, usually there is no MOQ , It can be said that this is a cheap and beautiful custom process, the only hard flaw is the difference between the fabric and the cotton fabric!)

4.Offset thermal transfer (a visual sensing similar to screen printing and a processing method similar to digital thermal transfer. For cost considerations, this process usually replaces the merchant’s screen printing process under certain specific conditions. The The process requires a minimum order quantity. This process is used only when there are a certain number of printing colors and positions. It is usually not used to customize this process, and the quality of the process is also high and low. This is a special production of offset heat transfer film Manufactured by the manufacturer, as long as it is not particularly inferior, the durability of the method is still very reliable.)

Screen printing (currently the mainstream process in the apparel industry, but for all graphic arts and crafts for printing, most of the world’s brands are printed by the screen printing process, but the technical level requirements of the printing masters are compared. High, for example, a good factory printed for large-brand OEMs is very durable and the effect is very beautiful, but printing inferior factories may cause a lot of problems, such as small prints printed into a color block, the print will fall off For cracking and other problems, this process needs to choose a good business. This process has a certain order quantity, and the order quantity required by various manufacturers is not necessarily, a few may be able to do a dozen, and more may require dozens of Parts or hundreds of parts, some manufacturers will charge a version fee, some will not, but the cost of plate-making is a rigid cost that manufacturers will have. For example, in a very low industry, if there is no version fee, it may be of inferior quality. The wooden strip frame may cause the printing content to be misaligned or to hang the clothes. In short, the wool is on the sheep. Screen printing covers dozens of printing process effects. If you want to know more, it is recommended to go to google a bit.)

Finally, to summarize:

In the case of a small quantity, we can choose a store that can do thermal transfer, sublimation, and digital heat transfer. If you want good results, it is digital heat transfer and sublimation. If you want the cheapest, you can consider heat transfer. India and sublimation.

If there are more than dozens of pieces, you can find more skilled merchants in offset heat transfer and screen printing. The clothes are cheap and durable.

However, the effect everyone wants is different for each friend. In fact, none of these processes are absolutely perfect for us. According to the needs of everyone, please refer to the most suitable process, so that it will not waste much. Money~

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