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With the original office, the quality of sleep will be improved, and you can custom a unique pillow for yourself

The custom pillow will always give us a comfortable feeling

When sitting on the sofa, leaning on a custom pillow behind

When watching TV, he also holds a custom pillow in his hand

When sleeping at night, two hands embrace a custom pillow

It’s all a comfortable, a pleasant thing

No lunch bed during lunch break

Many white-collar workers who work in the office can only take a nap on the table

This sleeping position affects the cervical spine

Put a customize pillow on the table, sleep well and be healthy

Computer enthusiasts, programmers love pillow

Always make you think about work

Custom Cute pillows that little lovers love

Go home and see these little cute

Suddenly the pressure is gone

The pillow on the market doesn’t like it

We can try to make an exclusive pillow by ourselves

Prepare a solid color pillow, the color is as you like

Find a ruler with hollow letters on it

According to what you need to say or name

Use pencils to draw on the pillow in order

Finally, use a non-marking marker to outline the letters

A pillow you like is done

You can also make other favorite patterns

After making this pillow, I instantly felt that my English level had increased.

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